Hey, how’s it going Internet? Aliff here. I am reiterating my blog life via this new platform. I wasn’t an active blogger before but I thought to myself let’s go YOLO with it and do something useful on my free time. At the moment, I am teaching English at a local school an hour away from my hometown. I am currently looking for a different job/lifestyle to earn a living. Perhaps doing something I love that could help me earn a living. But nonetheless, that idea is currently on the back burner and lets focus on the present.

My plan for this blog is to share my life experiences with anyone willing to read it. I plan to incorporate stories about my travels, books I’ve read, games I’ve played, gadgets I’ve came across or owned as well as anything I find interesting and worth a share. As a less outspoken person, I hope my writing will reach out to at least one more person in this universe.

Till next time and stay awesome everyone.


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