The Art of Eorzea: Another Dawn

Hey, how’s it going Internet? Aliff here. Today I am going to share about a special piece in my collection. The artwork for the highly rated MMORPG among avid fans; Final Fantasy XIV. The art book; The Art of Eorzea: Another Dawn, is a 304-page art book depicting the various sketches, concept designs, blueprints and amazing artwork by the team responsible for designing and creating the world of Eorzea. If you appreciate video games’ art and design, you’d definitely appreciate all the work that has been poured onto this piece. The book comes with an exclusive Wind-up Enterprise minion digital code for an in-game minion (sort of a pet in most games, just for aesthetic purpose). The art book was launched simultaneously across the globe for the North America, Europe and Japanese version and there was never a localised version for each region. Straight out of Square Enix’s studio in Japan. The fully coloured art book is definitely a must-have for casual or hardcore fans alike. You can get your own copy of the art book from Amazon. Check out some images I took off my copy down below.



Artistic Value: 4/5

Fan-service: 5/5

Bonus item: 4/5

Collectivity value: 4.5/5

Price: 4/5

Overall Nerdgasm Score: 4.5/5

That’s all for today everyone, until next time. Stay awesome!



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