Aussie Adventure: Episode 1

Hey, how’s it going Internet? Aliff here. Today I’d like to share a little bit about my first adventure to the land down under (I’ve been there twice, covering three cities). My faculty proposed a 1-week immersion programme to visit a couple universities in Australia. The intended universities were Curtin University and Murdoch University. There was a total of 39 students, including yours truly and 5 lecturers who participated in the programme. In exchange for permitting us to utilise the mobility funds, we had to come up with a creative writing magazine. The magazine was an output for us to share our experiences there using creative writings such as poetry, photo captions as well as short stories.

Our journey started in KLIA2 on June 5, 2014, very early in the morning. I remembered being at the airport for luggage check-in at about 3 a.m. However, we departed at about 8 a.m. We reached Perth International at about 3 p.m. We were greeted by a Mr Trevor, our bus driver cum tour guide. Upon exiting the complex, the first thing I noticed was how fresh was the air. It was the beginning of winter here and the cold breeze further helped with invigorating the fresh air. I think it may have cleared my sinus for a short while. Lol. The first stop was our accommodation, Malaysian Hall Perth, located on Newcastle Street.

Fair warning ahead, if you’re hungry, skip this paragraph and the photos attached. The thing that I remembered the most was how huge the portion of food here was. Back home, getting a large portion of food for each meal is not a norm. If you’re from America or somewhere with similar portions, you may find it hard to believe. Don’t worry, I shall bring le proof for you!

The one on the left is a typical Malaysian Kebab, usually with lesser fillings. (I guess if it’s for promotional purpose, they’d pump up more of the meat inside) The one on the right is my own snapshot of an Australian Kebab. The Malaysian one is about 6 inches long while the Australian one is about 12 inches long. They weren’t stingy with content as well. You’d have to buy 2 or 3, at least, to be satisfied if you’ve a hankering for kebabs in Malaysia.

I hope I didn’t make you guys drool too much. Sorry if I made you wet yourselves. (bad pun intended) We didn’t do much on the first day in terms of scheduled programmes. We were allocated some free time for the rest of the day. We had to accustom ourselves with the time change in Perth as it is winter, the sunset was very early. It was my first time in a four seasons country. The temperature was a very positive change as it is way too warm here in Malaysia. Our norm is around 32~35 degree Celcius. Winter in Perth introduced us to a soothing temperature of 12~18 degree Celcius. At night, sometimes it can go as low as 2~4 degrees. As someone who dislikes hot weather, Perth’s winter temperature was a nice change indeed. I spent a lot of time walking around the surrounding area of Newcastle Street. I stumbled upon a nice park where people can hang out and socialise. The free wifi in public places (such as the park) was a nice bonus. As there was a curfew for residents of Malaysian Hall Perth, I had to go back by 11 p.m. I spent my last hour before bed chatting with the ‘local’ residents in Malaysian Hall Perth. It was definitely exciting to learn about the difference in experiences of those that study abroad. I’ve always hoped to study abroad one day and I’ve yet to come close to accomplishing my dream.

If you’re interested in the gallery and all that stuff, check it out here

That’s all for the first episode fellas. I’ll share more in the next post. Until then, stay awesome!



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