I wish this book was a movie: Episode 1

Hey, how’s it going Internet? Aliff here. This is the first post for the series “I wish this book was a movie” and I’d like to start it with the Lorien Legacy series. If you ever heard of the movie “I am number Four”, you probably know a little bit about the series. Well, yes technically “I am number Four” is already out there. However, the rest of the books in the series seems like they will never be able to taste the sweet agony of box office fame; i.e. the big screen.

A little bit of background information about the series, it’s about a group of extraterrestrial humanoids from the planet Lorien. Their planet was invaded by the Mogadorian some 10 years ago (plus minus a couple years).They escaped the war that ultimately destroyed their home planet and ended up on Earth. There were nine chosen children who were numbered from one to nine using a Loric Charm (some sort of alien voodoo) in order to protect them. While marked, they will not be harmed or killed if the previous numbered children are still alive. They were protected by their Cépan (a sort of guardian). Long story short, the series is mainly about the chosen Loric fighting together in order to protect Earth from the invading Mogadorian. To date, the series is currently on its sixth main book (with about 3 side story books). The series promised a total of seven main books and is scheduled to publish the last one on June 28, 2016. Indulging in spoilers would not be my main agenda for this post so I am going to skip that part.

I, however,  am going to share my opinion on why there should be more movies from this series and not stop only at book 1. Firstly, the ‘super human’ powers that the Garde (the nine teenagers from Lorien) have are quite interesting. Some of them can turn invisible, healing capabilities, weather control, fireproof as well as shapeshifting. All of them do have the basic powers of Telekinesis and super strength as well as super speed. The way the author included and introduced each of the powers and how the characters developed the powers was quite smooth and do not seem forced. The story direction and plot might be a bit cliche in certain sections. However, there are some interesting plot twists here and there that made readers go ‘aahhh’ or ‘woooahh’. It might not be the best Young Adult book out there but it is definitely a must have for those that fancy characters with special abilities and an interesting Sci-Fi plot. Another interesting fact about the series is that they are written in the perspective of different characters from the series. It is not a mere narrative or first person point of view like most books. The author uses a different story telling technique. He shares the stories from the perspective of different characters so we readers can grasp the world and its events from several different angles. One thing I can be certain is the series’ latent ability in making it a page-turning reading experience. You will get hooked on and wanting to know what happens next. That’s a guarantee (if you are a fan of the genre/style).

With today’s technology on creating amazing CGI and effects for a movie, I don’t doubt that if the series were to continue on the big screen, it would be aesthetically pleasing to everyone. Nevertheless, facts like the production cost and what have you not might be some of the factors against the making of such movie. Let me dream on it being on the big screen one day will ya?

You can get the books from Kindle for digital version or the paperback version on Amazon. I’ll list out each title in the series for ease of access. Cheers

  1. I am Number Four
  2. The Power of Six
  3. The Rise of Nine
  4. The Fall of Five
  5. The Revenge of Seven
  6. The Fate of Ten
  7. United as One (Pre-order now)

If you are interested in the full version for Kindle, check this out. Also, the list for the side stories are available below.

  1. The Lost Files: The Legacies
  2. The Lost Files: Secret Histories
  3. The Lost Files: Hidden Enemy
  4. The Lost Files: Rebel Allies
  5. The Lost Files: Zero Hour


That’s all for the first episode fellas. I’ll share a different book in the next episode. Until then, stay awesome!


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