Port town

This reminds me of Docklands and Harbour town in Australia. The beautiful scenery of a town and pier, blending together. The breeze and mood. Oh. Such perfection.


Stop the moment

Always stop for the moment. The moment that you notice simple things are actually a grandeur of bigger things. They connect you to a bigger vision. Savour those moments.

Searching for your self

You need to search who you really are. Your true self. Not what society deem it acceptable or the norm. You need to be in solitude as well as with a good community for this. One cannot exist without the other. Solitude helps you discover and society helps you in getting accepted. So travel the world if you must. Adventure and look for your true self. That’s the true goal for any self-realisation.


You wrecked everything. You’re haunted by your mistakes. A torturous nightmare follows you. Vivid imagery of your sins. Will you return to the light? Or will you suffer to pay for your debt? The debt all men must pay.


Listening to acoustic songs, piano and guitar. The strings and the hum. Opens for imagination. Creativity spun. In an empty field. Seeing a treasure of books. The bibliophile yearns for happiness. Collecting everything. In a sea of books. Taking time to complete and fulfil his life wishes.


Time is a beautiful thing. Watch the countdown as the pendulum swings. Watch it fly by as you waste everything.

The clockworks is a beautiful invention. A magnificent system of chain reactions that articulates perfection.